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Sunday, January 18, 2015

I swear Saint Maybe makes the best concert posters.

We are definitely stoked about this show... both La Cerca and Saint Maybe live together, at The Flycatcher in Tucson AZ, Thursday, January 22, w/ friend Joe Pena!

Facebook Event Page

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday, January 4, 2015


Here is a list of record stores in a few states that we have either lived in, or visited, that we personally hand delivered our records to, for you to check out:

















This list is also provide on the right column of our website, so check back time and time again for updates, as we continue to add record stores to the list of retail outlets that carry our releases.

If you don't see a record store listed here, but you would like to add one, simply have the record store order our records from our distributor: StickFigure Distribution.  If the record store says they do not order with StickFigure Distribution, tell them they can also order through any of their partnersAK Press, B-Core (Spain), Baker And Taylor, Cargo UK (UK / Eire), Carrot Top, Conspiracy (Belgium), Day After (Czech Republic), Ebullition, Edge Distribution, Green Hell (Germany), No Idea, Revelation, Revolver, Sonic Rendezvous (Netherlands), Sonic Unyon (Canada), or Super Discount. 

Lastly, our friends over at also carry the full catalog of Fort Lowell Records.  They have a fantastic online store of independent releases, so be sure to browse their webstore.

Happy record shopping!  Thanks for the support!

Saturday, January 3, 2015


2014 was a very busy year for our lil' ol' label.  Not only did we undergo transitioning from Tucson AZ to Raleigh NC, but we also managed releasing four full length albums: La Cerca Sunrise for Everyone, the Good Graces Close to the Sun (a split release with our friends at Potluck Foundation), moyamoya moyamoya, and Naïm Amor Hear the Walls.  We are very thankful for all of the hard work each artist put into making these fantastic albums.  But we are also thankful for all of the media attention these records received collectively; it truly does help inform people about these great musicians - which is one of our main responsibilities and reasons for doing what we do. 

Below are links to all of the articles / posts written about these four artists / releases from 2014.  We hope you enjoy catching up on some reading!

May 28 - Blurt Magazine
Track Premiere: Indie-rock Brilliance from Tucson’s La Cerca, by Fred Mills

July 11 - SlyVinyl
La Cerca – Sunrise for Everyone // Limited to 500 Black Vinyl LP, by Scott Wickberg

July 14 - Here Comes The Flood
La Cerca Sunrise for Everyone Review, by Hans Werksman

July 18 - Zócalo Magazine
La Cerca Promises & Delivers, by Dan Rylander

July 21 - Get It On Vinyl
La Cerca Sunrise for Everyone Review, by TJ Goodwin

July 25 - Soft Concrete
We Review La Cerca's Wonderful New Album 'Sunrise for Everyone', by Kyle Chandler

July 27 - This Is Book's Music
Review: La Cerca’s “Sunrise For Everyone”, by John Book

July 29 - Blurt Magazine
That Summer Feeling: La Cerca, by Eric Swedlund

August 14 - Tucson Weekly
Like the Weather; La Cerca's great new album is a snapshot of a moment of the band's long complicated history, by Eric Swedlund

August 20 - Phoenix New Times
La Cerca's Big Sound Comes from Small Influences, by Josh Levine

August 29 - The Spec
La Cerca Sunrise for Everyone Review, by Deep Wallace

September 16 - Independent Clauses
the Good Graces Close to the Sun Premiere, by Stephen Carradini

September 29 - 7inches Blog
moyamoya self titled debut on Fort Lowell Records, by Jason Egan

October 1 - This Is Book's Music
The Good Graces release new album on Fort Lowell, by John Book

October 6 - Latest Disgrace
Stream: The Good Graces – “Standing in Line”, by Liz Sowell

October 12 - EU Jacksonville
moyamoya Releases Self-Titled Album, by Brenton Crozier

October 15 - PRX Public Radio Exchange
Searchlight: Indie Song Competition winner Kim Ware - The Good Graces, by Jason Wilber 

October 16 - Here Comes The Flood
the Good Graces Close to the Sun Review, by Hans Werksman

October 24 - Here Comes The Flood
moyamoya moyamoya Review, by Hans Werksman

October 27 - Examiner
the Good Graces release terrific 'Close to the Sun', by Kevin Triebsch

October 27 - Rebel Noise
Post-Rock Instrumentalists moyamoya Releases Debut Album, by Jen Dan

October 28 - Tucson Weekly
Double Release Day for Fort Lowell Records, by Eric Swedlund

October 31 - Get It On Vinyl
the Good Graces Close to the Sun Review, by TJ Goodwin

November 2 - Independent Clauses
Get on up get on up get on up, by Stephen Carradini

November 7 - 3 Story Magazine
For the love of Naïm, by James Hudson

November 11 - Euradionantes 
English For Everyone; Interview With A Folk Song Writer

November 22 - This Is Book's Music
Review: Moyamoya’s self-titled debut album, by John Book

November 22 - Here Comes The Flood
Naïm Amor Hear the Walls Review, by Hans Werksman

November 22 - This Is Book's Music
Review: The Good Graces’ “Close To The Sun”, by John Book

November 25 - Bluefat
Naïm Amor Hear the Walls Premiere, by John Payne

November 25 - Get It On Vinyl
moyamoya moyamoya Review, by TJ Goodwin

November 18 - Blurt Magazine
Track Premiere: Atlanta’s Good Graces (+ Album Release Party), by Fred Mills

December 3 - La route aux quatre chansons 
Changer d’air, by Francis Hérbert

December 3 - Blurt Magazine
the Good Graces Close to the Sun LP Review, by Fred Mills

December 8 - One Chord To Another
Naïm Amor Hear the Walls Review, by Vesa Lautamaki

December 9 - Phonograph Blues
One WMBR Co-Music Director's Top 28 Records of 2014, by Christopher Vyce

December 13 - Wilmington Star News Online
Fort Lowell Records moves to NC, by Brian Tucker

December 13 - The Big Takeover
The Good Graces – Close to the Sun (Fort Lowell), by Mark Suppanz

December 15 - Blurt Magazine
moyamoya moyamoya LP Review, by Fred Mills

December 16 - Get It On Vinyl
Naïm Amor Hear the Walls Review, by TJ Goodwin

December 17 - Independent Clauses
Grab Bag 3: Zach Winters / Naïm Amor, by Stephen Carradini

December 18 - Tucson Weekly
A Quiet Listen: Naïm Amor’s offers an antidote to overload in “Hear the Walls", by Eric Swedlund

December 20 - 7inches Blog
La Cerca "Sunrise for Everyone" Review, by Jason Egan

December 29 - Yab Yum Music & Arts
The Fort Lowell Round Up, by Mark Anderson

December 30 - Tucson Weekly
Local Love: Levine looks at 2014’s local music offerings and what he loved most, by Josh Levine

December 31 - Das Klienicum
Listenterror: Die Besten Alben 2014, by Eike Klien

January 1, 2015 - KXCI 91.3FM Radio
Top 100 Albums of 2014, by Randy Peterson

January 1, 2015 - Tucson Weekly
Best of … Music; Tucson Weekly music writers tell you what made them rock in 2014, by Eric Swedlund

January 3, 2015 - Independent Clauses
Top Albums of 2014: 20-11, by Stephen Carradini

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


This past Christmas week, our dear friends with New Granada Records celebrated their 20th Anniversary at New World Brewery in Tampa, FL.  To commemorate the occasion, the holidays, and the new year to come... New Granada artists Rec Center and our very own Tracy Shedd shared the stage for a very special performance of Frank Loesser's classic song "What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?"  While the trio was practicing outside of New World Brewery by the fountain and trolley car in Ybor City for their performance, they just so happened to record the rehearsal via an iPhone.   

As a special gift to help ring in the new year, New Granada Records and Fort Lowell Records have made the track available for all of you to enjoy!   Stream the song, or download it for free, and share with your friends for your own celebration this New Year's Eve!

Recorded live via iPhone at New World Brewery; Tampa, FL - Friday December 26, 2014
Susie Ulrey: vocals; Tracy Shedd: vocals; Michael Waksman: ukulele
Words/Music by Frank Loesser; 1947
Photo: John McNicholas

Monday, December 29, 2014


Photographs by John McNicholas

Photographs by Alastair St. Hill

Photographs by Rob Christiansen

Sunday, December 21, 2014


Our dear friends, Keith & Susie Ulrey, from New Granada Records are celebrating their 20th Anniversary this week with family, friends, and supporters, and we personally could not be happier for them.  New Granada Records is a fantastic independent label that helps many talented artists get their music out to the masses.  This holiday week, if you happen to be in the Tampa, Florida area, we strongly recommend you check in with New Granada Records.  Here is an overview of their activities:

NEW WORLD BREWERY (the location for each day's celebration)
1313 E Eighth Ave, Tampa, Florida 33605

$16.00 3-Day Pass - Purchase Here

$8.00 1-Day Pass - Purchase Day Of Show at New World Brewery 


POHGOH (Reunion w/ both singers, Kobi & Susie)


THE PAUSES (Special Acoustic Set)
ALAMEDA (Special Acoustic Set)


As a bonus gift from New Granada Records, their flagship artist - Pohgoh - has recorded a brand new track called "Claude Rains," which they've made available as a free download via New Granada Records' Soundcloud page and below.  It's their first studio track in 16 years.  Pohgoh will be playing December 25th w/ both singers, Kobi and Susie, and they will be selling a very limited (to 20) hand-cut 10" Pohgoh EP.  You don't want to miss it!  

Lastly, the Tampa Bay Times wrote a very nice article about New Granada Records and their twenty years of promoting music.  Here is the link to read the article, but we are also going to re-post it down below.

Congratulations not only to Keith & Susie Ulrey and New Granada Records, but to all of their artists as well!  We are very proud of all of you!  Have fun this week celebrating, and Happy Holidays to all!

Your friends,

Fort Lowell Records


Tampa Bay Times (re-post)

Thursday, December 18th, by Ray Roa

In his Seminole Heights record store, Microgroove, Keith Ulrey has a listening station stocked with albums from his label, New Granada Records. Photo by Ray Roa.

Searching for CDs or mp3 players makes the music industry's changes over the last two decades feel very real. These days, Virgin and Tower megastores are just Wikipedia pages. Record execs still scratch their heads about the digital revolution that ruined profit margins forever because, as it turns out, selling plastic discs at insane markups never was a sustainable market strategy.

There is one music module that's withstood the test of time, though: The local record label.
Perched cross-legged on a chair in the center of his Seminole Heights record store Microgroove, Keith Ulrey can talk circles around the topic. The red-bearded, bespectacled 43-year-old is the head honcho and general do-it-all force behind beloved local imprint New Granada Records, which celebrates its 20th anniversary with a three-night concert Dec. 25-27 at New World Brewery in Ybor City.
The label boasts nearly 50 releases over the last 20 years, and while many have been long out of print, Ulrey is candid about the less glamorous details of running the operation full time. A room in his house is dedicated to unmoved product, and Microgroove's New Granada listening post stands next to a box of label releases he can't give away (it should be a crime not to add a free copy of New Roman Times' 2008 indie-rock masterpiece On The Sleeve to your shopping bag).
Select titles are teetering on sold out, but he still can't hide subtle, solemn looks of disappointment while waxing about what consumers are missing out on when they don't buy physical.
"If I'm a painter, people come see my painting. Only one person can buy it, but you experience it," he said. "With physical product, liner notes, graphics, packaging — that's the art."
Ulrey knows a thing or two about making good versions of that art. The last year alone has seen New Granada utilize nearly every format to handle multiple releases. There are colored and transparent vinyl 7-inch singles from young, talented locals like Alexander and the Grapes and Atlantic Oceans. St. Pete alt-waltz quintet DieAlps! moved nearly 100 CDs at a recent release show, and Orlampa songwriter MRENC released a soundsmith's wet dream on cassettes dressed up in hand-cut artwork.
Screenprinted sleeves from Pinellas avant-punks Permanent Makeup adorn their 7-inch, and more local artistry is featured on reimagined artwork for a re-release featuring midwest emo legends Braid. The crown jewel of New Granada's anniversary releases, however, is hand-cut vinyl from the Maccabees and Pohgoh, which are manufactured one by one in Jacksonville by Jonathan Berlin, who plays in New Granada psych-freak folk outfit Sunbears!.
Pohgoh — the label's flagship band — enjoyed a dose of popularity following their debut in 1994, and a Christmas night reunion show finds the emo outfit joined by original singer Kobi Finley, who went on two tours and played on three 7-inches before Ulrey's future wife Susie eventually took over vocals. Finley, 36, will play three songs with the group. Richardson will sing during the rest of the set, and all five members of the band have recorded new music together, marking the first time they've been on the same record together.
"It's exciting," Ulrey explained, "but also, we're already nervous."
That energy grows stronger when Ulrey is queried on why someone would commit half his life to such a laborious passion project. He mentions loaning bands equipment when they're in a pinch. He'll do anything to help anyone on the roster succeed, and he says he feels the most fulfilled when a band gets as excited as he does about the way things are happening.
"It could be a good show, or press, or an Instagram," he said. "When they're stoked, I'm stoked."
There are still more releases being rolled out for the big anniversary, and as he excitedly rattles off details, it doesn't look like Ulrey wants to stop anytime soon.

Thursday, December 4, 2014


Arizona Public Media has put together a fantastic video titled Art Dads, that features our own Naïm Amor with his son, Lucien, along with other Tucson artists (and dads), Tom Walbank and Donovan White. It is a wonderful documentary that gives insight to how these very special and talented artists balance their unique careers with the responsibilities of fatherhood. Not only does the video feature Naïm Amor's music, but it also provides a great insight into Naïm Amor himself. Enjoy!

And if you would like to learn even more about the Parisian Tucsonan, Naïm Amor, and his personal guitar obsession, we invite you to watch this documentary about Amor, titled Used Guitar.